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Jul 22, 2010

Now I have to post this...

After visiting Little Dirt Lane and Sew Pure I just could not wait any longer to post my new hair color surprise. If you take a peek at their blogs you will see what I mean. They are the first two blogs listed on my fav list on the right. You will get the most delightful smiles when visiting there I promise.

Like Jess, I have been a fan of wearing my bandannas in a vintage style for many years now but I never had the guts to dye my hair black to complete that vintage/rockabilly look. Whelp, a few days ago I went for it and I am loving it!

What ya think?


  1. It looks great Ree!!!! You, Madame Samm and Jess sure do inspire a lot us!!!! Love love your blog look!!!! hugs

  2. oh Ree, you are so adorable, you and Jess look like you could be sisters! Loved the red hair, but also love the black. it gives you more of an edge I you should be dancing with Travolta in a vintage version of Pulp Fiction! xoxox Christel

  3. OK, I am here to tell you I love it...the colour, your lips your whole look...gosh you make me smile...this suits you Ree, it really my hair is very red, so I don't think I could get away with a dark colour...I am a redhead through and through...thanks for the smiles this morning...touchingly ms

  4. It is you all the way Ree.... Love it and the bandana look is amazing, you and Jess sport it well.

    ♥ Trish ♥

  5. You really achieved "The Look" you look as if you just stepped off the big screen in the 1940's or I don't mean old....I mean that Glamorous Hollywood Look....

    Have a great day...

  6. Were we separated at birth? LOL - Oh I have found my twin - lol - Oh you look fantastic - Isn't black the greatest?? I miss my black hair...oh no Reezy Peezy...I think I want it back now! We can't tell Nama...she would kill me!! I now finally have my natural hair color, and I do love it - but the black, oh the black is so much fun!!! Well - this just suits us...we should make bandannas...I am tired of my 6 now...I need new ones. Do you know that I actually wore a blister on the top of my head from that knot that sits there...yep - I am dedicated - haha - Love your blog look, love the hair, the makeup and most of all YOU through and through...

    XOXO Jess

  7. I agree with everyone - black hair looks fabulous my dear! You and Jess do look like sisters and both of you make beautiful dolls - remember I have Feeyona Faye. Having fun is what it's all about!


  8. Cute!Im getting confused now,LOL.Love your background,love both of you you and your twin Jess,(LOL)have the cutest things.Im hooked.Where have I been, Im a follower I just looked, will have to visit more often.Happy Monday!

  9. Oh my! Not you too! I've obviously been MIA too long this have all gone nuts and remind me of my mother! LOL!!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  10. Thank you so much for being part of our CDA Blog Hops!


  11. Stopping by to say hello and to enjoy your blog on my CDA blog hopp'in journey.


  12. You look fantastic whatever the color of your hair is!

  13. Just out blog hoppin with CDA and wanted to say hi!
    loooooove your picture! This is a great blog!

  14. I must tell you that you have true every way!!


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