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Mar 24, 2011

A new size Uht Oh! has been born!

Up until this point all of my Uht Ohs! have been of the toddler age, which I have to admit, is an adorable age. However I can say the very same about the wobbly, non walking, cutie patootie 3-6 month age, so with this being said, I am tickled pink to finally introduce a baby size to this line.
The first created in this size is a little Hispanic baby girl names Isleta. She measures approx. 19 1/2 inches top of head to toe, wears size 3 months baby clothes and has a jointed wobble head, and jointed legs that gives her such a realistic feel.
Her body, legs, and arms are weighted with pellets then finished off with stuffing. I just cannot get over how much she feels like a real baby when I hold her.
Here is a pic of Isleta with a toddler size Uht Oh to show a size comparison.
I have a couple wonderful families waiting to give Isleta a home but I do believe this baby girl will be staying with me. Yep, I just do not think I can part with her.
Love and hugs
Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. Ree, she is wonderful. I can see why you can't part with her.


  2. I love babies....she's so cute...


  3. ЛЮблю)))люблю)))))люблю)))))малышей))))))она замечательная)))))очень милая))))))так и хочется за щечки потрогать и на ручки взять)))

  4. Hi Ree!!! She is adorable!!! I love babies this size!!! Any size really!!! You do them so wonderfully!!! hugs


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