The People Who Lift Me Up

Mar 26, 2011

Oh lookie...another baby Uht Oh is being created...

...and he has two adorable bottom baby teeth! I so remember when my boys cut their first teeth. I believe they were both around 4 months old when they started popping through. Rewpurt, yes I said Rewpurt, is a very proud little boy about his two lil toofers, oh yes he is. Of course he's not too awful happy about not having arms and legs yet, gulp, but be brave dear Rewpurt and stay strong my love, those arms and legs are on their way tonight, well or possibly tomorrow.
I am having a ball with the baby Uht Ohs! I love doing the wobble heads and I love adding the realistic weight to them. They truly feel like a real baby when you hold then and oh that melts my heart into wanting to keep them all lol. I just cannot do that though so darling Rewpurt will be looking for a home as much as it breaks my heart...sigh.
Much love and squeezies
Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. Oh Ree they are always so cute...

    Have a great day....


  2. Ree, I love those two little teeth! He is sooo sweet. I could squeeze him tooo much! Thanks so much for letting us see him. Luv-Loretta

  3. What sweet little toothy pegs ... so cute Ree!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears

  4. Handsome...a real cutie Luv-Loretta


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