The People Who Lift Me Up

Mar 28, 2011

Rewpurt is finished!

He already has a new home but he wanted to share his pictures anyhow. I think he is seriously proud of those two bottom teeth.
What do yo think? I sure hope he doesn't try and nibble on his new poppa.
He loves hugs and cuddles, now that is my kind of baby.
Xoxoxxx Ree

Mar 26, 2011

Oh lookie...another baby Uht Oh is being created...

...and he has two adorable bottom baby teeth! I so remember when my boys cut their first teeth. I believe they were both around 4 months old when they started popping through. Rewpurt, yes I said Rewpurt, is a very proud little boy about his two lil toofers, oh yes he is. Of course he's not too awful happy about not having arms and legs yet, gulp, but be brave dear Rewpurt and stay strong my love, those arms and legs are on their way tonight, well or possibly tomorrow.
I am having a ball with the baby Uht Ohs! I love doing the wobble heads and I love adding the realistic weight to them. They truly feel like a real baby when you hold then and oh that melts my heart into wanting to keep them all lol. I just cannot do that though so darling Rewpurt will be looking for a home as much as it breaks my heart...sigh.
Much love and squeezies
Xoxoxxx Ree

Mar 24, 2011

A new size Uht Oh! has been born!

Up until this point all of my Uht Ohs! have been of the toddler age, which I have to admit, is an adorable age. However I can say the very same about the wobbly, non walking, cutie patootie 3-6 month age, so with this being said, I am tickled pink to finally introduce a baby size to this line.
The first created in this size is a little Hispanic baby girl names Isleta. She measures approx. 19 1/2 inches top of head to toe, wears size 3 months baby clothes and has a jointed wobble head, and jointed legs that gives her such a realistic feel.
Her body, legs, and arms are weighted with pellets then finished off with stuffing. I just cannot get over how much she feels like a real baby when I hold her.
Here is a pic of Isleta with a toddler size Uht Oh to show a size comparison.
I have a couple wonderful families waiting to give Isleta a home but I do believe this baby girl will be staying with me. Yep, I just do not think I can part with her.
Love and hugs
Xoxoxxx Ree

Mar 20, 2011

Oh the crocodile tears!

I just wanted to note that Kloe found a loving home yesterday!

Doesn't she just break your heart? Oh please no worries, her boo boo was just a minor one. It still sprang on the tears like a faucet though, I must admit.
See sweet little Kloe has been working very hard at potty training. She came running out of the bathroom to tell mommy about her good deed and she stubbed her precious her toe.
Kloe, her tears, and her huge poofy cheeks were created for the Boo Boo Baby Challenge at CDA. It was such a fun challenge for me!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Mar 17, 2011

A Baby Swamp Monster..What?...Oh yes, that's what I said!

How in the world can a baby swamp monster be cute? Why just look at his pictures and tell me what you think!

Sweet, bug eyed Kelp was a long time in the creating but he is now here and already heading to a wonderful loving home!

He is so lovable and huggable, I'm really going to hate to see him go but I am thrilled he has such a fabulous new home. Did I really just say that about a swamp monster?

Mar 3, 2011


Giggles, smiles, laughs, and a loud yippeeeee! Tipsy Teacup is having a blog give-a-way!

It's been a little bit since I've done a give-a-way and I meant to do one at 200 followers but that funny thing call life kind of crept up on me and before I knew it the time had come and passed. It's never too late though right?

So what am I giving away?

The Animees you see pictured above all have homes, so I am sad to say none of those will be the prize, BUT the prize will be an Animee. I do so hope I am not confusing you too much! In short, if your name is drawn, you get to pick the kind of Animee you would like and I will make it just for you! Does that rock or what?

What do you have to do to enter?

It's so easy and simple. All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and post one comment on this post. That's it!

On April 1, 2011 I will draw the winner!

Good luck and happy smiles your way!