The People Who Lift Me Up

Oct 7, 2010

As slow as a turtle walking a snail???

Oh my, now could this truly be me?

Yes, yes, I do believe it is! Not really mind you, but I have to admit that I feel as though it is me much of the time.

I am so sorry to have not been keeping up with my blog posts but please rest assure that you have not been far from my mind or heart.

What have I been up to?
Well for one, I went out of town with my husband for a week while he worked. It wasn't the best town to visit, to tell you true, but I so enjoyed seeing his face after work each day and it was a pleasure to cook dinner for his crew. Those electric skillets rock! There were a lot of laughs and I did learn something important from the experience...I now know what town I NEVER want to live in LOL.

Now that I am back home I am excitedly back to work on my latest doll. She is a full size Asian Uht Oh and I have the most darling outfit for her. I cannot wait to share her with you and she should make her appearance sometime next week. After that, work on a little boy will begin along with a Gothic Giggle or two. I know many have been waiting on the Baby Giants and I do promise you I will get back to work on them soon. I had worked on so many of them after the first one was "discovered" in the forest of RaRa in the Yadish region that I got way behind with my other darling lovelies. I shall get it balanced out soon!
Warm happy fall hugs from me to you!


  1. However long it takes it is always worth the wait for a new Uht Oh!!! Can't wait to see her...they are all so cute...


  2. I like a lot your news.
    I´m waitting to see your new doll.


  3. ahhh there you are...I am here waiting...and I am keep sewing, creating and bringing us smiles...blessings msamm

  4. NOw this looks PERFECT love the new look, banner...luv me

  5. Hi Ree, Miss you when you are not blogging and sewing. I so look forward to your sweeties and I have that SD&A and am soooo proud of you!!! Love Kim

  6. deine puppen sind soooo interessant,diese grose nasen sind einfach lieblich.


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