The People Who Lift Me Up

Jan 24, 2011

A new Gothic Giggle!

I am SEW tickled pink. Well tickled pink, black, and white...oh I so am. I am not sure what it is about this darling girl but she has grabbed a serious hold of my heart.

Please meet Bew Bew Bunnee. She is the latest creation from my Gothic Giggles line and as of now is still available. She is $227.00 plus travel fair. You can see all her photos and read all about her on my website under the Gothic Giggles tab.
I had such a wonderful time creating her. If you recall my last Gothic Giggle Beetyle Bew, she was made from scratch without a pattern. I had no idea she would come out so cute and always regretted not making a pattern for her. Well after talking with Kat Lees I was encourage to try and recreate a similar pattern and then is when Bew Bew Bunnee took form. Thank you Kat so much!
As I said above this pouty sweetheart has seriously stolen my heart. Bunnee is approx. inches from tip of her ears to tips of her toes. Her fur is a super soft fluffy thick white faux fur and like most of my Gothic Giggles she has the wonderful black and white striped legs and arms. Inside her ears has the same black and white striped fabric.
All of Bew Bew's details are done with water color pencils, pens, and paint then sealed with a matte spray. She has the most wonderful huge pink eyes and her two bunny teeth were custom made just for her.
Her bottom and arms are slightly weighted with pellets and her feet are so delightfully large, as all bunnies feet should be. Her ears are wired for fun posing and when you peek at her toosh you will see she has the proper cotton tail. Last but not least I found the perfect little bow for the top of her head.
 Now I am off to rescue some more Baby Giants! Oh but one thing before that I will be finishing my first Childhood Memories Uht Oh! first. Am I on a roll or what???

Jan 20, 2011

The Baby Giants are on the move!

Oh yes they are! It feels WONDERFUL to be back in my groove again. I have seriously been sculpting away (10 hours days min of late) and let me tell you I will have some super wonderful faces making appearances along the way! Be excited, very excited...well I sure am lol.

For now I would like to introduce the latest Baby Giants Zayne and Payzlee.
Zayne is a lil boy who is happy to be the first AA mix Baby Giant to be rescued! He also is a teether and has two cute lil bottom teeth. He was made for someone whom has been on my Baby Giant waiting list so is already sold.
Payzlee is such a sweet little princess! She is most definitely one of the chubby ones but oh so prissy! She does so love her pink and is the first to be found with pink hair! She was also made for someone on the BG waiting list so is already sold.

I am staying on the move with the BGs so if you happen to be on the waiting list please keep an eye out!

If you do not know the Baby Giant story or would like to see more pictures of Zayne and Payzlee you can view it all at my website under the Baby Giant tab. WWW.TIPSYTEACUP.COM

Jan 19, 2011

A surprise smile sent my way...

You know something, I sometimes think I get more smiles from the wonderful people whom collect my dolls then I do from creating them. Okay well maybe not more, but we shall call it a draw.

The above picture was sent to me out of the blue by a wonderful friend and lady named Sarka...(Hi dear Sarka, I do hope it's okay I blurted your name). She lives in Australia and is in the process of moving. She thought the girls would like to say hello to me before their box was taped up. Now how CUTE is that? It's times like these that I so appreciate the friendships I've made through doll making.

It makes my day each and every time I see or hear how my girls/boys are loved.

Thank you again Sarka for the gift of a smile and warm heart!

Love ya!

Jan 13, 2011

Here comes TRUBBEL!

Hmmm perhaps I am not the best at drawing, I know, I know, but I do try and
 thought it would be nice to show how many of my creations start out once the vision leaves my head.

The little fella above will be called Trubbel. He's not a bad boy, just a handful. I envision him with orange/red curly hair, blue, brown, or green eyes, TONS of freckles, and a some what grumpy face due to him not getting his way.

Can't you just see him coming to life?

I do have a good amount of BGs to get done before he will come to pass but I am so excited, yes I am!

Jan 10, 2011

I am sew excited! There is a new studio at CDA! Come peek!

I am just sew very excited! Can ya tell? I have been invited by dear Connie and Kat to be the coordinator of the first baby doll studio at CDA. Those of you whom follow me and have viewed my work know that baby dolls are my very first love. This is right up my alley wouldn't ya say!

What's even more exciting is that the Baby Doll Studio is having it's first challenge, just looky below!
                                          Come be a part of the fun! I hope I will see ya there!

Jan 9, 2011

What Catches Your Eye???

So many times I catch myself stopping and focusing on something more then the "normal" allocated time. More often then naught, it's something that, through the years, has grabbed my attention above all other stuff. Why do these things fascinate me so? Not only do they fascinate me but each time I see one of them I can feel my created juices start a flowing.

Above are just a few of the things that hold my attention and make my eyes sparkle for some odd reason. Red English style phone booths...what is it about these wonderful things? I so want one in my house! Dreadlocks...when I see someone sporting these I am totally fascinated by them. Old luggage...I have a wonderful collection of of Shortrip cases that I simply adore. I keep wanting to buy more but where would I put them? Pacifiers...any shape, age, color, I just love them. Old cameras...I do not own a single one but each time I see one in an antique store or thrift store I spend way too much time looking it over. Old phones...I love to have them sitting in the house just for decoration. OMGosh old keys...a HUGE love and fascination of mine. My Dad started a collection of these for me when I was very young. I have no idea why I am obsessed with them but I certainly am! Wheels, cogs, old clock parts...they are right up there with old keys with me! I so have to create something steam punk. White walker vintage baby shoes...oh Heaven help me I have a huge collection of these. I adore them and all I have to do is look at a pair and I want to sculpt! Vintage furniture...oh yes it rocks! My bedroom is so happily decorated with mix match pieces of vintage and antique furniture. It's my happy spot. Gnomes!...oh do not get me started on Gnomes. I LOVE them. The older they are the better, but each and every Gnome deserves a well timed look and visit. My dream is to have a Gnome garden!

So there ya have it, just the tip of the iceberg with me true, but these "things" are always at the top of the viewing list for me. I know I am not the only person out in the world like fess up...what is your viewing addictions??? LOL

Much love to you all!

Jan 6, 2011


I've talked about inspiration before and some of you may already know that artist Teddy Williams has a been a huge part of my artistic life since an early age. Above are pages I scanned from my favorite childhood book Children's Best Love Nursery Rhymes which was illustrated by T. Williams. I never get tired of posting Teddy's art and as you can see many of my doll's features arrive from it. Just look at thoes feet! Oh and those noses! Oh my aren't those hands just precious?!

Ofcourse not all of my inspiration is balance on Teddy's wonderful talent. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see something that inspires me. Fabric, yarns, pencils, paints, other artist's blogs, my family, my pets....the list goes on and on.

What inspires you?
This is what inspired me today...Boy George, my Niece, and a bug covered stack of teacups.