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Jan 9, 2011

What Catches Your Eye???

So many times I catch myself stopping and focusing on something more then the "normal" allocated time. More often then naught, it's something that, through the years, has grabbed my attention above all other stuff. Why do these things fascinate me so? Not only do they fascinate me but each time I see one of them I can feel my created juices start a flowing.

Above are just a few of the things that hold my attention and make my eyes sparkle for some odd reason. Red English style phone booths...what is it about these wonderful things? I so want one in my house! Dreadlocks...when I see someone sporting these I am totally fascinated by them. Old luggage...I have a wonderful collection of of Shortrip cases that I simply adore. I keep wanting to buy more but where would I put them? Pacifiers...any shape, age, color, I just love them. Old cameras...I do not own a single one but each time I see one in an antique store or thrift store I spend way too much time looking it over. Old phones...I love to have them sitting in the house just for decoration. OMGosh old keys...a HUGE love and fascination of mine. My Dad started a collection of these for me when I was very young. I have no idea why I am obsessed with them but I certainly am! Wheels, cogs, old clock parts...they are right up there with old keys with me! I so have to create something steam punk. White walker vintage baby shoes...oh Heaven help me I have a huge collection of these. I adore them and all I have to do is look at a pair and I want to sculpt! Vintage furniture...oh yes it rocks! My bedroom is so happily decorated with mix match pieces of vintage and antique furniture. It's my happy spot. Gnomes!...oh do not get me started on Gnomes. I LOVE them. The older they are the better, but each and every Gnome deserves a well timed look and visit. My dream is to have a Gnome garden!

So there ya have it, just the tip of the iceberg with me true, but these "things" are always at the top of the viewing list for me. I know I am not the only person out in the world like fess up...what is your viewing addictions??? LOL

Much love to you all!


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  2. hello ree, as always you bring smiles ...what grabs my attention is old linens, pillows, t-towels..must have something to do with my Nanny would starch everything and I just loved when I would reach into her linen closet and open up a pillowcase or sheets, and they would be crisp and clean..that is what does it for me.....OHhh I too love telephone booths...
    luv your new look...personal..the new YOU>.

  3. Hi Ree! many old things catch my eye, old barns, the wood is so interesting to me, old clocks, vintage costume jewelry, old ladies hankies, with the tatted edges..they are so beautiful, and things having to do with wine..vintages wine decanters, old pepper mills ect..these are the things I drool over,..oh and good looking men..haha xoxox Christel


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