The People Who Lift Me Up

Feb 28, 2010

The stripes of the pillow and bedspread sew reminded me of my Alice and I was truly inspired!
Oh I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo jazzed to introduce my Gothic Alice with her Chessy Cat!

Although I posted Tipsy first, Alice is actually my very first "rag doll." Madame Samm first sent me an adorable dress pattern that I ended up making a gothic styled dress out of that just screamed Wonderland to me. Samm then was so very kind enough to draw up a rag doll pattern just for me and I simply cannot thank her enough!
I had so much fun creating Alice and I so hope you enjoy her as well. You can see her details and more pics here:

I am so pooped this weekend and I apologize for the short post. I just had to come on real quick and share! =:o)

 I am hoping to post the ragdoll I made fom Jess's ADORABLE pattern Monday but I have a lot of running to do that day so it may be Tuesday before I can post. OMGosh I had so much fun making this girl!!!

Feb 27, 2010

Oh Sweet Saturday is here and I Have New Faces to Show!!!

OMGoodness I missed you all something awful! I am so happy to be back but I do have to say that I LOVED having this week to catch up on projects. I am amazed at what I was able to get done! It's been a super long day so I am going to cut to the chase and show off my first two sweeties. I have three others to show as well but they will come as the week goes on. I am so excited to share!

Okay first we have Feeyone Faye. She is a blue eyed full size Original Uht Oh! with a head full of long thick black ringlets. I braided her bangs and then pulled them back into her ringlets. It's such  a very elegant look. She is a darling little girl and such a sweetie! You can read all about here here 

Next we have a little girl named Tipsy that has seriously wrapped me around her little finger. I am so in love with this special child and I so hope you visit my website to read all about her. I designed her myself after getting the nudge and inspiration from Madame Samm and Jess to venture into the ragdoll world. She starts a new line called Ragdoll Uht Ohs. You can read her story as well as see more pics here She would love to visit with you!

Tomorrow I will be showing my Gothic Alice with her Chessy cat. She is amazing and is very special because her pattern was made just for me by Madame Samm! The dress pattern came from Madame Samm as well and I just cannot wait to show you all!

After that I have an adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ragdoll to show that I made from Jess's fantastic pattern! Oh just wait till you see! I still have to finish this darling but I promise she will be worth the wait!

Last but not least I will be posting my next Itty Bitty Uht Oh. I still have a bit more work to do on here but WOW I am amazed I got all this done in one week!

Thank you Samm for this awesome week!

Hugs & Squeeshies

Feb 21, 2010

One last post and a sneak peek before NO PEEKING starts!

I thought I would throw a sneak peek out as well before I head into this coming challenge week. If you have not read about it click on the very first button on the right side of my blog and you can play too! There is even a chance to win a Madame Samm doll!

Okay my first peek up above is of a dress I just made...hmmm wonder what Itty Bitty Uht Oh will be going into that dress?

Next you will see below two little set of legs, hmmm wonder what doll they will be attached to? Now I will say one set goes to the goth Alice I have been working on.

Finally, below, is a nice long black poppy which will eventually be attached to a full size Uht Oh!

See ya in 5 days!!!

Feb 20, 2010

One little guy to show before the NO PEEKING starts! Please meet Sprig!

Okay so maybe he's not so little LOL. I should have had this baby boy posted long before now but err umm you know how life can get right?!

Sweet darling Sprig is very happy to meet you. He's is ecstatic to be a rescued Baby Giant and cannot wait to meet his new mommy. She may have her hands full with this one though!

Although he is just an infant he gets around wonderfully and tends to get into quite a lot of things. See, Baby Giants are born with amazing motor skills and I suppose this is understandable and needed in order to make it in a world filled with parents that can squash you with their big toe. However, as you know if you have read the story on my website, the runts of this giant clan get abandoned and left behind so it's then left to us humans to keep up with these amazing motor skills. If you would like to read more about the rescued Baby Giants you can do so here on my website

Ah yes, Sprig is a sweet handful indeed and he got his name honestly. I cannot tell you how many chewed up sprigs/twigs I found around him when he was rescued! What teething toys!

Now I must say that Sprig will be the only creation posted before heading into Madame Samm's No Peek Week but at the end of that week I plan on finishing and posting more then one doll. Oh I wonder what they will be?!

If you have not read about Samm's week coming up cruise on over to her blog at and read up! You can get a chance to win one of her amazing dolls! Very very cool!

 Hugs & Sqeeshies

Feb 17, 2010

Hello Hello Hello!!! I am back...Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!

OMGoodness I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have missed all of you!

Thank you Madame Samm for doing me the kindness of keeping everyone updated. You are a life saver as always! I had no doubt in my mind you would behave LOL. Oh and thank you so much for the new siggy, I love it and it's seeeew Ree!

I am very happy to say our comp is up and back at it. Sheeeew that was an experience to say the least. Seems we caught a pretty mean virus and we were told it, more then likely, came from Facebook. This is so sad to me as I have always enjoyed Facebook but now I will be deleting my account there. I will always be here though and would love to stay in touch via here or email at with all my Facebook friends!

This post will be a rather short one as I am flippin to go through your blogs and see what wonderful creations have been added. Posting on your blogs is one of my happy smiles during the day and I have missed it terribly. I have missed my "dolly family" here something awful for sure.

As far as my creations go, I will be showcasing some of my darlings very soon and I am so excited! Three to be exact but they will all come to say hello on different days. I also have a huge line up that I cannot wait to get started on. I have had a bit of a large delay though due to the comp issues AND I am thrilled to say we now have twin teen daughters living with us! I will post about them soon on my personal blog. =:o)

OH! I do have a new line out for those of you that did not see the first sweetie posted on Samm's blog.
They are my Itty Bitty Uht Ohs! and are only approx 12-13 inches tall. Samm was the inspiration behind this new size for me and I cannot thank her enough. I am also tickled pink that I will be sewing all the lil outfits for these cuties. I will be using a pattern I made up myself as well as a dress pattern made by Samm. Oh! which also brings me to another line of dolls I will be making inspired by Samm (imagine that LOL) and Jess! This is a HUGE smile for me and I will tell you all about it when I post the first doll from this line.
Anyhow, you can read more about the Itty Bitty line here!.htm

Hugs & Squeeshies!

Feb 3, 2010

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo I am Here, but I am

Hi Everyone, it is I "Ree" through
Madame Samm.
I asked her to let you all know
that I have a virus in my computer
and it is down, but I am trying all of my
might to get it up and running.
Since Madame Samm knows
how to connect into my blog
I thought this would be the best
way to know how to reach you.

Missing you all so much.
Will see you and visit as soon as I can.

( thanks Madame Samm)

ps. yes I wrote for her, and I thought
I could have lot's of fun with this..
but I am sew

blessings madame samm

Feb 1, 2010

Kiku is home! Please do come say hello?!!

Oh Heavens me I am over the moon with this perfectly precious pink baby bear! Her name is Kiku and I astonishingly won her from Sandi at

When I received notice from Sandi that Kiku was going to be mine I about shot through the roof, no kidding! If you have seen Sandi's bears then you know why, and if you have not, once you see her bears you will also then know why.

I just cannot say enough about Kiku (even if I use all the wonderful new words Madame Samm sent our way lol.) She is just spectacular and oh so lovable and cuddly! Her joints are amazing and I love all the fun I can have with her during posing. OMGosh and her fur....sigh....just mind blowing =:o)

Kiku and I became fast friends the minute I pulled her from her beautiful wrapped package. Oh and lets do talk about her package! It's was simply scrumptious. I sat there just holding it drinking it all in before I could bring myself to open the elegant golden bow holding the soft pink tissue paper together. It was a princess's package! Really! That is what I thought to myself.

Thank you Sandi so very much for the opportunity to be Kiku's new momma! She will be cherish and loved always!

Xoxoxxx Ree and Kiku!