The People Who Lift Me Up

Feb 21, 2010

One last post and a sneak peek before NO PEEKING starts!

I thought I would throw a sneak peek out as well before I head into this coming challenge week. If you have not read about it click on the very first button on the right side of my blog and you can play too! There is even a chance to win a Madame Samm doll!

Okay my first peek up above is of a dress I just made...hmmm wonder what Itty Bitty Uht Oh will be going into that dress?

Next you will see below two little set of legs, hmmm wonder what doll they will be attached to? Now I will say one set goes to the goth Alice I have been working on.

Finally, below, is a nice long black poppy which will eventually be attached to a full size Uht Oh!

See ya in 5 days!!!


  1. Oh my - I am beside myself with excitement...I see some rag doll legs...hehehehehehe - do you know how happy I am!!!!??? I will go bananas before Saturday!!!

    XOXO Jess

  2. Ahhhh Ree, I had not even seen this before I left for the pledge...I look forward to seeing more...yes I ms


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