The People Who Lift Me Up

Mar 26, 2010

An idea that might just work for you too...

I tend to be very picky about my sewing boxes and love to have everything I need in a cute compact and somewhat organized space. Most sewing boxes left me frustrated and annoyed with their layout and/or size so I went hunting for something that would fit my personal taste and needs better. I ended up finding this super cute PINK jewelry case at the thrift store a while back and knew right away it could be turned into a wonderful sewing box.
In front of the mirror is a little pouch that is perfect size for my long sculpting needles and ruler. The ring holder in the middle worked out PERFECT as a pin cushion for the needles I use most. I also use sewing pins to mark my stitches rather then a marking pin and those fit wonderfully on the first couple rows of the ring holder. After that I placed sewing needles along with my curved needles. The sides store my sculpting thread perfectly along with my pencils, seam ripper and such on the other side. Below is a drawer that holds my scissors, hemostats, jointing thread, etc. It is the perfect little sewing box just for me and it's PINK!

I thought this might be an idea that will work for you too?


Mar 18, 2010

A new face at Tipsy Teacup Creations!

Mairee Ayne is such a darling country bumpkin. She loves to play in the fields and pick strawberries on beautiful sunny days. Mairee has brown braided hair with brown eyes and an adorable sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She is wearing a dress and bloomer set I made out of just the cutest heavy toile fabric with contrasting braided check. I also made her a pair of matching bows to complete her outfit. She is such a fun little one and would love to send smiles your way.

Mairee's Favorites: Picking Strawberries, feeling the grass between her toes, and playing in the summer rain.

Mairee's Dislikes: Cottage Cheese, splinters, and bedtime (good luck getting her down to sleep)

You can see more pics of Mairee Ayne on my website along with her travel fees.

Woosh I am so happy to finally get a chance to post! It has been a busy go of it here. I have yet to post about this on my other blog but as most of you do not know we have adopted twin teen girls. We now have FOUR teens in our house which can make things pretty busy to say the least. It's a wonderful blessing though and I cannot tell you how many extra smiles and laughs I have had since the girls got here. Life is BEAUTIFUL! I will post about them soon with pictures and such on my personal blog the first minute I get the chance.
Love and miss you all BUNCHES!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Mar 3, 2010

My wish for today...

Ahhhh wouldn't it be a lovely thing to be able to get this much done at once? Although I have to admit I do not think I would make a grand fashion statement with so many arms?

I am running a bit behind but wanted you to know that my next two creations will indeed be surfacing soon. I had a terrible mishap with my dolly made from Jess's pattern so will be starting over. I just had to keep tinkering with her face and, yup you guessed it, the paint decided to take on a mind of it's own and wow can that be a no no!

I also have my new Itty Bitty Uht Uh that will be making her appearance soon. Her name is Mairee Ayne and she is oh so charming and very country.