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Mar 26, 2010

An idea that might just work for you too...

I tend to be very picky about my sewing boxes and love to have everything I need in a cute compact and somewhat organized space. Most sewing boxes left me frustrated and annoyed with their layout and/or size so I went hunting for something that would fit my personal taste and needs better. I ended up finding this super cute PINK jewelry case at the thrift store a while back and knew right away it could be turned into a wonderful sewing box.
In front of the mirror is a little pouch that is perfect size for my long sculpting needles and ruler. The ring holder in the middle worked out PERFECT as a pin cushion for the needles I use most. I also use sewing pins to mark my stitches rather then a marking pin and those fit wonderfully on the first couple rows of the ring holder. After that I placed sewing needles along with my curved needles. The sides store my sculpting thread perfectly along with my pencils, seam ripper and such on the other side. Below is a drawer that holds my scissors, hemostats, jointing thread, etc. It is the perfect little sewing box just for me and it's PINK!

I thought this might be an idea that will work for you too?



  1. Great Idea Ree. I love your new blog background, it is really you.

  2. Great idea Ree and pretty too.

    A new blog design, really cute!

    ~ Kim

  3. Muy lindo costurero, buena idea Ree!!!
    Buen fin de semana.Besitos.

  4. Love your Blog background it fits you perfect! Great idea I am in the process of redoing my work room!
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

  5. Now fancy that...REE that is a fabulous idea...I have something similar in mind...years ago Hallmark had these keepsake boxes for momentos and the like...I am going to turn that into a sewing box...delightful idea...ohh the blog it is HOT lol...ok maybe not hot but certainly warms your heart...
    blessings ms

  6. Great idea Ree! I need some organization here for sure! I plan to clean my studio in the near future, and will have a giveaway with a grab bag of sewing notions and such! Maybe then, I can borrow your idea and actually find what I need to use easier! xoxox Christel

  7. Great idea Ree...I am constantly looking for ways to group tools together that will work well for me.

    Currently I am using a sewing box and a tin that looks like a 1950's refrigerator!!

    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  8. Great idea, I will use it. Thanks.

  9. Wishing you a Happy Easter Ree! xoxo Christel


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