The People Who Lift Me Up

Dec 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to my blog family and where I've been...

Oh holy hot chocolate and striped candy canes! I wish it were those presents up above that I have been toting all week! What in the world were we thinking when we decided to move right in the middle of Christmas? I am so very pooped out! I know it's very much worth it though so I am beaming way more then griping!

I wanted to come on here though and let you know why I have not been blogging or commenting on your wonderful blogs. As you see above we have been busy busy busy! Oh my, I cannot wait to show you my new doll studio/craft room. It is totally fab and so much larger then anything else I've had in the past. Okay, to be honest I have never, yes never, had my own seperate sewing room! Can you imagine how excited I am?

I am sad though about one thing, due to this move and all that it had created I am having to get my Santa stuff sent out after Christmas and I didn't even get cards sent out. How Grinchy is that? Oh please do forgive me. I have a full size heart I promise =:o)

Not a lot of time so I better scoot, I am picking my eldest son up from the airport this morning. The best present ever!

Wishing you all a very merry and blessed Christmas in all the different languages around the world. For this beautiful holiday let all our hearts be one! Love is the universal language.

I love you all!

Dec 6, 2010

Sneak peek of my baby swamp monster!

Umm well yes, I said baby swamp monster. I mean really my friends, baby swamp monsters need lots of love too right?

The sweet face you see above is non other then little Kelp. He, or maybe even a she (I have no idea how to tell the gender of a baby swamp monster do you?) was found all alone and crying. Now I do have to admit, I was a bit thrown at first as I am used to rescuing Baby Giants not baby swamp monsters but I quickly scooped up this sad little baby and knew right away his/her name had to be Kelp. Yes, I know kelp is found in the ocean and not in a swamp but water is water so that's my story and ima sticking to that name *smiles*

Kelp is not fully ready to make his/her debut just yet but I can tell you he/she has just the most fun and delightful ears as well as such super cute large aquatic feet. Can you picture the cuteness in your head? If not, it will be a tad longer wait until I will be putting him/her up for show to find his/her new home so please be patient. Yes, patient, I just know there are a ton of folks out there just waiting in line to see a baby swamp monster LOL.
Oh me such fun!

Dec 4, 2010

Yes! Yes! An even better special touch!!!

As you saw in one of my previous posts I am all for adding special touches and putting as much thought/work into my COAs etc. as I do my creations. I have been putting a lot of thought into this area once again of late. Being a doll collector, as well as a doll artist, has made me very aware of some of the problem areas in this "sport". One of the biggest "pains in my toosh" for me as a collector was keeping up with all the COAs and nametags. Many times the COAs got misplaced and more then not, the hang/name tags would get bent. So no matter how beautiful and such a treat they were there were still problems.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr right?
Well my dolly friends I do believe I have finally worked out the perfect solution! While this is not a brand new idea to the doll world, as far as logo TAGS go, I would never take credit where credit is not due me, I have never seen COAs done this way in all the years I have been collecting and creating. I have decided to make COAs the same way you would a tag. So now my COA is made out of plastic (which cannot bend) with the dolls name, picture, AND edition number printed and sealed on it. How kick toosh is that? Even better, it is worn as a bracelet for the doll so no worries about it getting misplaced or lost! Along with the COA being on the bracelet there will also be a Tipsy Teacup hang tag. All this is then put together with a nice copper colored ring with a stretchy cord running through it strung with pretty beads.
I am so excited about this and love how the prototype turned out. It of course is a much more expensive way to do things BUT I feel collectors will appreciate having such a nice COA/hang tag/bracelet/treat more then they will be bothered with the added costs.

What do you think?