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Nov 6, 2011

Update on my first clay creation...

She now has a finished face and hair! I have named her Baynshee and have added gothy stitches to her mouth. Her name came about as she screams like a banshee to be loved and understood for who she is but no one seems to be listening.

I am listening sweet Baynshee, oh yes my darling I am....

She will be my first creation for my "Soo... im Different Dolls"
I will post more pics as I go.

Xoxoxxx Ree

Nov 4, 2011

To Clay...or Not to Clay...

I am being brave *big sigh*
I decided to show you my first attempt at clay. Yes, yes,.... I know I have a long ways to go, but perhaps if I stick at it I will get there!

I had no clue as to what I was doing but I have to admit it was fun after I got over the frustration of not being able to master my first attempt lol. In all honesty my main goal finally became to try my best not to mess up those beautiful hand blown eyes.

The head you see above has no idea what kind of body she will be stuck onto, maybe that's why she looks a tad bit less then happy? I think I am heading in a gothy creepy yet cute direction.

What do you think?

Xoxoxxx Ree

Nov 3, 2011

I want ice cream...what?... but it's cold outside!

Well it's all her fault, really it is! I was just doing fine until she insisted on having an ice cream cone, now I want one.
I thought it was about time that I posted a little about what I have been working on.

Above is Letti the baby yeti and she just loves ice cream. I suppose a yeti wouldn't be cold eating one in the middle of winter?
I have been cracking up and having a ball while working on Letti. She is just the cutest mess with ice cream all around her mouth. Her ice cream cone has a magnet in it that will stick to the one in her hand. Oh and it's also a pin cushion, how wicked cool is that?

In my world a yeti must have horns so I gave my first try at them. I'm super happy with the way they came out and I have to say Letti is too. Of course she's yelling to be finished all together so I should get to hustling I suppose....

I am also working on this funny guy. Isn't he a trip? I have noooo idea what part of my mind he popped out of but I have been convinced to finish him. He is going to be all steampunked out which will be a totally new area for me as far as soft sculpture goes. I am so excited to give it a try. Think steampunk with super long legs and arms.... 

Last but not least I have FINALLY introduced a mini Baby Giant line. These little stinkers stand at only approx. 7 inches tall and sit at only approx. 5 inches. They are fully jointed just like the original BGs and I will either be making all of their outfits or will put in orders for Michele Byars at Hopelessly Hooked to crochet their outfits.

Wishing you a beautiful day full of blessings!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Sep 9, 2011

I need to catch up!!!

The darling Pooball Pipa
Oh my where to begin! I've been so wrapped up in so much I have very much neglected my blog. I am truly sorry to all those whom follow me. Having teen sons and one leaving to go into the military kind of does that to one.

Sooooo, above is my latest Pooball. I decided to revamp the line a bit and Pipa received fantastic feedback. She is already in a new home but I will be making more in this new style. I love how she turned out. I have also included more of the Pooball story under each of their pics. The Pooball Adventures are indeed beginning! Are you excited??? I surely am!

This is Tulip from my Ree's Rags line

Above is Tulip. It felt wonderful to make another rag doll and I will be making another one soon. Both have a home already but Tulip is still very happy to share her picture with you!

Uht Oh! Toddler Tanjeryne

Uht Oh! baby Ree
Next are two Uht Oh! creations I finished not to long ago. On Ree I did my first watercolor eyes on this line and loved them! Both of them have homes already.

2011 Halloween Edition Uht Oh! Toddler Starlyte
Last, but not least, my 2011 Halloween Uht Oh! I am not sure if bringing Starlyte to life, or making her outfit and hat was more fun?! She truly is an amazing little girl packed full of personality. Starlyte has just been listed in my ETSY store and you can see all of her pictures on my website just click here picture after following the link.

Hugs & Squeeshies!
Xooxoxxx Ree 

Aug 4, 2011

A new little girl looking for a home...

Hi my sweet darling friends! Going to keep this post short and sweet, as I always try to do...

Little Miss Nellie is looking for a home and beware she's a spoiled rotten princess. Oh and of course her wagon is not included so you may just have to get her a new one...

Nellie is available at my Etsy store or website. You can see more pictures and details at both sites.

Xoxoxxx Ree

Jul 25, 2011

I love chunkie babies, don't you?

Oh now you must meet Jabbers! He is the chubbiest Baby Giant yet! Doesn't that tummy just make you smile?
I want to give him zurburs oh yes I do!
I don't have the heart to break him of his thumb sucking habbit, sigh...

Jabber's already has a parent waiting on him so he will not be listed on my website or ETSY store for adoption.
 Thanks so much for taking a peek!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Jul 19, 2011

Putting on my dancing shoes...

Okay so those are not my dancing shoes, but I have to say I feel special enough to go for a twirl, oh yes I do!
A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the very kind Max Shpungin, Editor/Blogger for the wonderful site  Pocketchange saying "Be at Home" would like to feature me on their "Best of the Web" blog. Was I tickled? Oh you bet I was. It's a wonderful site full of amazing information and totally kick toosh shopping, ideas, and tips. Seriously, it's a must read! You can view the best of the web post here:

I very much encourage you to take a tour around the whole site. You will find yourself spending more time then you think. Just a ton of fun and interesting reads!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Jul 7, 2011

I am finally doing it!

I was asked many times in 2009 if I would sell Beetyle Boo & Bew and I almost did it but backed out. I have now decided she can travel and enjoy a new home. She is listed in my ETSY store.

Xoxoxxx Ree

Jul 6, 2011

More customer pics! Oh such a smile!

Now how can you not smile at this picture? Okay so maybe it's a bit different for me to see so many of my creation displayed so preciously and loved! It makes me tickled pink each time a photo is sent my way. This one above is from an amazing customer who has been such a blessing and treat to have in my life.
I can say the very same for the beautiful lady above. It just does not get any sweeter then this.
Thank you so much for letting me share my love with you!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Jun 19, 2011

Mary and Her Little Lamb

I sculpted Mary had a Little Lamb for the nursery rhyme challenge I hosted for CDA.

 Mary was inspired by my favorite childhood book "Best Loved Nursery Rhymes" illustrated by Teddy Williams. Teddy's artwork has held my heart since age 5.

I also made Mary's outfit which was inspired by Raspberry Tart from the 1980s Strawberry Shortcake.

 I made her little lamb as well who is done kind of in a primative style. I did him free hand without making up a pattern. He was a lot of fun and so was Mary.

Mary and her pal are available on my website or
Xoxoxxx Ree

Jun 15, 2011


Tonks shall never be allowed in my doll studio, and that's all I have to say about that...
Xoxoxxx Ree

May 20, 2011

My first baby troll!

He already has a new home but I had to share him. I think this may end up being one of my favorite lines. Atleast for this month anyhow LOL

Love Xoxoxxx Ree

May 17, 2011

Baby Giant Cupkayke

This is the last of the sweet Baby Giant girls that I was sculpting for a very special family. Her name is Cupkayke and she is very much ready for Spring!
I do believe this darling runt is going to love playing dress up. I can just see her momma spoiling her now!
Love Xoxoxxx Ree

May 3, 2011

Beautiful Bugs....oh this book has me tickled pink!

I really must brag about an amazing book I just recieved! It's called Beautiful Bugs by Shelley Hawkey and it is truly a pot of gold when it comes to teaching! There are several techniques to be learned with tons of well polished photos to walk you through each one. There are SIX different dolls to make. Beginner or expert doll artist, if you want a treat you must check this out! It's amazing and a huge book!
You can view the details here:

Love Xoxoxxx Ree

Apr 28, 2011

Tears in my eyes...

Truly! Okay so I may seem a bit goofy to some but with all honesty when I saw these pictures in my inbox today I smiled till it hurt and I cried happy tears.

Let me try and explain a bit, you see, when I create it's not just a job to me. The job part came as a second blessing and due to my creations selling I am able to have what I love as a full time job. How blessed am I?

At any rate, as I was saying, when I create I am just not pinning, cutting, sewing, stuffing, sculpting, and painting. Oh no, I am doing SO much more. I am pouring my heart and soul into my creation. I truly am. I see them come to life, I see their personalities grow, I fall in love with each and every one of them along the way. Really! They take on a whole life of their own. I wish I had a nickle for every time I hugged one of my little ones as I made them LOL.

So you can understand right? What it means to actually get to SEE them so loved and in a happy home? Oh I think you can get the jist of it now, oh yes I do. Tis just me, Ree, and my wonderfully happy wonderland!

Thank you Susan and Michele for the special blessing today!

Much Love and Squeezes
Xoxoxxx Ree

Apr 26, 2011

Jellie Bean and Sprynkels...

...would love to say hello! Now these two already have homes so they are not for adoption but I wanted to share them anyhow.

I am trying very hard to catch up on my mile long waiting list for The Baby Giants. I am working on another pink/violet BG right now who is also for my waiting list.

Bunches of Love and squeezes!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Apr 13, 2011

What I have been tinkering on...

I've been in a creative funk with some of my lines so have taken a break to venture into other projects/creations. For those of you waiting on a Baby Giant I am just taking a small creative break and will get back to them when I feel my mojo heading in that direction again. I know there is a huge waiting list for the Baby Giants and I am so very sorry to add to the wait but if I push myself when not feeling it my work suffers and I refuse to put out less then my best yanno?
The first dress I am working on is a vintage style outfit that will go on a toddler Uht Oh that will have pulled back ringlets kind of done in a vintage look with a matching cloth bow in her hair. Think Nancy or Nellie from Little house on the Prairie...
Now the second outfit I have been working on...hmmmm...wonder what line it can be for? Yep yep the Gothic Giggles. I have a violet huge eyed girl with black bob style hair waiting on this dress. The trim on this is wicked cool and consists of checkered ribbon with black glass beaded bobbles. I have also made black and white striped stocking to go with it. Not sure what I will do as far as a bow yet and I may put a hot pink tutu under the dress but not sure? I'm also thinking the girl may need some small plugs for her ears and perhaps a nose ring?
Love and Squeezes