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May 3, 2011

Beautiful Bugs....oh this book has me tickled pink!

I really must brag about an amazing book I just recieved! It's called Beautiful Bugs by Shelley Hawkey and it is truly a pot of gold when it comes to teaching! There are several techniques to be learned with tons of well polished photos to walk you through each one. There are SIX different dolls to make. Beginner or expert doll artist, if you want a treat you must check this out! It's amazing and a huge book!
You can view the details here:

Love Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. what sweet dolls!! I love your dolls, they are fantastic!! Smile!! I´m a follower now

  2. OH!!! Goodness they are cute!!!!! Thanks for sharing Ree!!!!! This would be so fun!!!! hugs

  3. I want that book...look how cute those bugs are...I think I'll pop over and get it some pics after you finish one...your work is always so amazing...


  4. Hi,
    Nice dolls.. Really Like it.. Thanks for sharing..

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