The People Who Lift Me Up

Feb 28, 2011

Feedback truly needed here at Tipsy Teacup Creations

I am just sooooooo VERY excited as my husband Miggy has decided to try his hand at sculpting a mini Baby Giant out of clay. He's never touched clay before so this is a whole new ball park for him. For us both actually. He's pretty much just leanring as he goes. I'm sticking to my fabric that's for sure but Miggy did one heck of a bang up job on his first go IMHO. He is really hoping for some honest feedback so if you are up to it please shoot some his way! I am going to post pics of the head and leg that he's done so far...
I simply cannot wait until she is done. She's being modeled after Clemy, the very first BG I ever made. Once all the parts are finished I will sew up a bean-bag body for her as well as a little outfit. She's going to be mine mine mine! *big smiles*  If all goes well he will be making more to sell but this first one isn't leaving my side!