The People Who Lift Me Up

Aug 19, 2010

Okay so I just have to post about this pattern!

This is Muggins the Skylord dragon from the very talented Kat Lees. Isn't he just precious?

I  received this pattern tonight, and as always, I read over each new pattern as soon as I get it. I get so excited seeing the art created from such wonderful doll makers around the world.

Now, I must tell you that not only does this look like an incredibly enjoyable pattern to make, it has a FANTASTIC trick in! Oh no no no, tsk I musn't tell you what this trick is, but I will say if you decide to try this pattern as well, you will not be disappointed. I got so tickled just reading the instructions.

I can sooooooooooo see this lil fella becoming a fast friend of one of my Baby Giants,can't you?

You can find Muggins the Skylord pattern here:

Just to let you know, since these patterns are such a treat for me I plan to take a day out of each week to post about other artists patterns. I also have a page on my website where I will showcase the dolls I make from these patterns.

Up next I am above and beyond excited about a pattern from Little Dirt Lane. I actually started a doll a bit back from a pattern Jess created but I got very side tracked and lost the head. Not to worry though, I will be staring anew and I have Jess to thank, as well as Madame Samm, for introducing me to the wonderful world of ragdolls! What joy!

Aug 17, 2010

Oh some wonderful smiles to share with you, yes indeed!

I just want to scream out to the world what a fantastic and talented budding artist Miss Kaeli is! She is the beautiful daughter of the beautiful Jess at Little Dirt Lane (please check out her link on the right hand side of my blog)

Oh yes I am in quite the happy fuss after receiving my very first painting from Kaeli. This is a purchase I will always cherish and what a bargain! Pictures do not do this precious piece justice. I just had to fancy frame it right away and it's hung right next to my sewing station so I can smile at it as I create. What inspiration. Oh and even to top it off I received the most precious dolly along with my painting! Oh so unbelievably cute cute cute! Thank you darling Kaeli and Jessi wessieeeeeee so much!

Ahh yes, so now onto what I have been up to...
Well I am very happy to say I am finally working on a doll. She is going to take me a tad more time then most my normal dolls do as I am experimenting with new techniques learned in Kat's eyes and lips classes as well as Kim's face painting class. Oh both classes are a must! Thank you Kat and Kim bunches for offering those classes!

Her name is Ember Nyte, her hairstyle was inspired from a character in the movie City of Ember. She will have a full handmade outfit, hat included, when finished and she will be offered for sale as my special edition Halloween Uht Oh! I am really excited about her!