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Apr 13, 2011

What I have been tinkering on...

I've been in a creative funk with some of my lines so have taken a break to venture into other projects/creations. For those of you waiting on a Baby Giant I am just taking a small creative break and will get back to them when I feel my mojo heading in that direction again. I know there is a huge waiting list for the Baby Giants and I am so very sorry to add to the wait but if I push myself when not feeling it my work suffers and I refuse to put out less then my best yanno?
The first dress I am working on is a vintage style outfit that will go on a toddler Uht Oh that will have pulled back ringlets kind of done in a vintage look with a matching cloth bow in her hair. Think Nancy or Nellie from Little house on the Prairie...
Now the second outfit I have been working on...hmmmm...wonder what line it can be for? Yep yep the Gothic Giggles. I have a violet huge eyed girl with black bob style hair waiting on this dress. The trim on this is wicked cool and consists of checkered ribbon with black glass beaded bobbles. I have also made black and white striped stocking to go with it. Not sure what I will do as far as a bow yet and I may put a hot pink tutu under the dress but not sure? I'm also thinking the girl may need some small plugs for her ears and perhaps a nose ring?
Love and Squeezes


  1. Good to see you're still creating something...somne that loose their mojo just cease to create at all.
    While you're in that mood perhaps you should catch up on your blog reading...great way to get motivated again Ree!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears

  2. Hi Ree, these are sooo adorable! I want to copy the first one. I love the lace, it is too-too cute! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  3. I love both outfits. I know just how you feel. It's so hard when you want to work on something but have to wait for that muse... I don't do custom orders because I can't control what I want to work on. So excited to see the little ones going in these gorgeous outfits, I can see how they are inspiring the characters who will wear them. Hugs, Kim

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