The People Who Lift Me Up

Mar 18, 2010

A new face at Tipsy Teacup Creations!

Mairee Ayne is such a darling country bumpkin. She loves to play in the fields and pick strawberries on beautiful sunny days. Mairee has brown braided hair with brown eyes and an adorable sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She is wearing a dress and bloomer set I made out of just the cutest heavy toile fabric with contrasting braided check. I also made her a pair of matching bows to complete her outfit. She is such a fun little one and would love to send smiles your way.

Mairee's Favorites: Picking Strawberries, feeling the grass between her toes, and playing in the summer rain.

Mairee's Dislikes: Cottage Cheese, splinters, and bedtime (good luck getting her down to sleep)

You can see more pics of Mairee Ayne on my website along with her travel fees.

Woosh I am so happy to finally get a chance to post! It has been a busy go of it here. I have yet to post about this on my other blog but as most of you do not know we have adopted twin teen girls. We now have FOUR teens in our house which can make things pretty busy to say the least. It's a wonderful blessing though and I cannot tell you how many extra smiles and laughs I have had since the girls got here. Life is BEAUTIFUL! I will post about them soon with pictures and such on my personal blog the first minute I get the chance.
Love and miss you all BUNCHES!
Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. Oh shes adorable!I love her!

  2. Hello Renee, Mairee is simple adorable! Love her country girl look.


  3. Hey Hey Reezy...I am behind too...I just have one - but I have one BAD one...whew...I have had a time...I even spent one evening in the magistrate's office...yeah - not fun...I am glad you are laughing and smiling with yours though - haha! I do love mine...I just need to whip her into shape...we are coming along slowly but surely...but I see definite improvement which is fantastic!

    This country girl is FAB - I love her...I can never get enough of the feet on your dolls...FAB-U-LOUS as always!


  4. Heh a new baby here too...way to go...she is FAB U LOUS, I sew agree with JESS...she is very country and I love her dress, and those pig tails...gosh you girls got me thinking dolls again lol.l.wink...blessings ms

  5. Oh I do lurve her chubby cheeks Ree, she gorgeous! I also like that you have listed her likes and dislikes, I think that really gives one an insight into her personality. CHUCKLE!!

    You must be a sucker for punishment ... FOUR teenagers in one house ... OH MY!! You have my admiration, sympathy and condolences!! LOL!!

    Cheers for now my sweet Ree,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  6. She is beautiful. Great job. I love your creations.


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