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Feb 27, 2010

Oh Sweet Saturday is here and I Have New Faces to Show!!!

OMGoodness I missed you all something awful! I am so happy to be back but I do have to say that I LOVED having this week to catch up on projects. I am amazed at what I was able to get done! It's been a super long day so I am going to cut to the chase and show off my first two sweeties. I have three others to show as well but they will come as the week goes on. I am so excited to share!

Okay first we have Feeyone Faye. She is a blue eyed full size Original Uht Oh! with a head full of long thick black ringlets. I braided her bangs and then pulled them back into her ringlets. It's such  a very elegant look. She is a darling little girl and such a sweetie! You can read all about here here 

Next we have a little girl named Tipsy that has seriously wrapped me around her little finger. I am so in love with this special child and I so hope you visit my website to read all about her. I designed her myself after getting the nudge and inspiration from Madame Samm and Jess to venture into the ragdoll world. She starts a new line called Ragdoll Uht Ohs. You can read her story as well as see more pics here She would love to visit with you!

Tomorrow I will be showing my Gothic Alice with her Chessy cat. She is amazing and is very special because her pattern was made just for me by Madame Samm! The dress pattern came from Madame Samm as well and I just cannot wait to show you all!

After that I have an adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ragdoll to show that I made from Jess's fantastic pattern! Oh just wait till you see! I still have to finish this darling but I promise she will be worth the wait!

Last but not least I will be posting my next Itty Bitty Uht Oh. I still have a bit more work to do on here but WOW I am amazed I got all this done in one week!

Thank you Samm for this awesome week!

Hugs & Squeeshies


  1. They are both just darling, but Tipsy is something special! glad you are back! xox Christel

  2. Wow I really love Tipsy how adorable she is.She would look lovely with all my dolls.To cute!~~Becky

    You guys are all driving me crazy with these dolls hah.

  3. Oh my gosh REEZY!!!! I am so excited, and that Tipsy...oh....she is perfection. I have begged my husband to let me adopt her, lol...But now I want to see what is I am OH OH OH...I am so impatient...why again do we have to wait? Ha! What a wonderful week you have had. I have been babysitting all of these full grown children at my house. 1 doll this week and 1 body completed...not like me at all - I need to get these fools in line!!!

    XOXO Jess

    I am sending happy vibes to you...can you send some back? LOL, we need them!

    PS - I have pink hair dye in my hair RIGHT now as I type, I can hardly wait for my 30 minutes to be up...oh, and a new cut...I have a new is fabulous and too much fun...I will post pictures if this doesn't turn out to be orange - lol...

  4. These are adorable Ree but I looooove Tipsy she is gorgeous!
    You definetly need to go into the rag dolls!
    LL Nat:)

  5. Oh goodness Ree, look what a week can do for you ....first FF is simply PRESENT with all of her curls...gosh the detail but TIPSY, you should continue with a line just for her...she is amazing, adorable, irresistable...ok, now she is unique like you...ok, keep bringing them her face and her bear...yeah you are now a soft doll mini...blessings ms

  6. Good for you Ree you got so much of work done. Can't say the same for me. Love your little darling dolls.

  7. Go Ree! I love them both but you have really excelled with Tipsy...she is a real darling.
    That mop of red hair suits her to a "T"!
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  8. They are simply adorable Ree! Cannot wait to see the others. Looks like we all had a very productive week.

    Trish :o)

  9. Thank you my friends!

    Christel Ty for the WB, I am so happy to be back!,

    Becky, LOL I am so glad you liked her! Dolls are so wonderful aren't they?!

    Jess, ROTFL @ Reezy, I love it LOL. I am deff sending good super happy vibes your way chica! We can do this!
    OMGosh I CANNOT WAIT to see your hair!!! Oh please do post soon! I am so excited for you! What did you use? I use Loreal Highlifts from Sally's and it works awesome. It's made for dark hair but works fine for me too. I shall be stalking your blog as always waiting for your post!

    Nat, thank you, I am deff loving these ragdolls!

    Samm, you have me beaming! Thank you! Oh you can bet there will be many more Tipsy's to come along with her stories. I would so love to make a book of her!

    Shashi you will hit your groove I am sure!

    Sandi, thank you! I so adore her hair too and am so glad you agree it suits her. OMGoodness this darling has touched my heart!

    Trish, wasn't the past week great! I will be posting Alice later tonight whoohoooo

    Hugs & Squeeshies!
    Xoxoxxx Ree

  10. very diferent dolls,and beautifull both.
    Tipsy have a face with a special personality.


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