The People Who Lift Me Up

Jan 20, 2011

The Baby Giants are on the move!

Oh yes they are! It feels WONDERFUL to be back in my groove again. I have seriously been sculpting away (10 hours days min of late) and let me tell you I will have some super wonderful faces making appearances along the way! Be excited, very excited...well I sure am lol.

For now I would like to introduce the latest Baby Giants Zayne and Payzlee.
Zayne is a lil boy who is happy to be the first AA mix Baby Giant to be rescued! He also is a teether and has two cute lil bottom teeth. He was made for someone whom has been on my Baby Giant waiting list so is already sold.
Payzlee is such a sweet little princess! She is most definitely one of the chubby ones but oh so prissy! She does so love her pink and is the first to be found with pink hair! She was also made for someone on the BG waiting list so is already sold.

I am staying on the move with the BGs so if you happen to be on the waiting list please keep an eye out!

If you do not know the Baby Giant story or would like to see more pictures of Zayne and Payzlee you can view it all at my website under the Baby Giant tab. WWW.TIPSYTEACUP.COM


  1. Oh Gee Ree!!!! I love love Payzlee!!!! She is such a cute little girl!!! Zayne looks just like he is waiting to get into something!!! I am so glad you are back in the groove!!! Yaa!!! hugs

  2. Me too Carla, I am in love with her. Payzlee is so adorable. I hope she gets spoiled rotten as she cleary deserves : ) ~ Kim


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