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Sep 21, 2010

Halloween Uht Oh! Embir Nyte would love to say hello...

...before she heads off to her first day of witch elementary school.

Oh what a yummy sweet Halloween treat Embir Nyte is! I cannot tell you how much fun and enjoyment I had while bringing this little witch to life. I put so very much time and effort into everything about her including her outfit which I designed and sewed myself.

The hat! Oh now the hat I am very proud of! I knew what I wanted to created in my mind but I did not have any patterns for it. I do say it came out fabulous indeed for my first withches hat, wouldn't you say?

But before I talk about Embirs outfit I want to talk about her! I did several new things with her, the first and most noticeable being her eyes. They are much more detailed then my standard eyes and I love how they came out. The next being her sweet lips. Aren't they just the cutest? Both of these areas I used wonderful techniques learned in Kat's and Kim's online classes. You can take the classes too at CDA!

I also chose to do a straight arm on Embir which I made sure was floppy enough to have fun with while posing. Ofcourse her hands have all the wonderful detailing I put into all my hands but have extra shading to them.

Ooooo the tootsies! My favorite thing to talk about! Do I love baby tootsies or what? Couldn't you just smooch these precious baby feet all over? Foot fetish me? Nah, I actually care very little for adult feet. Nope all my love is for those darling baby and toddler feet. So yes I suppose I have a baby foot fetish lol.

Now her outfit I created from my own design using the most wonderfully rich fabrics. The bodice and pantaloons I made using a thick super soft rust colored chenille and the sleeves, bows on the legs, and witches hat I made using a fabulous corduroy earth tone print. Is she not sporting the most wonderful fall colors?

I definitely think Miss Ember is happily ready for her first day at Wiggly Warts Witch & Wizard Elementary School don't you?
Ember is for sale on my website:

Oh wait, I must update, Embir is now sold and has found a happy new home!


  1. Ree Embir Nyte is the most adorable lil' witch I have ever seen. From the tip of her hat to the bottom of her tiny tootsies she is sure perfection. And the detailing is amazing. You brought her to true life. LOVE HER.....♥


  2. Hi Ree! shes perfectly bewitching! Shes as cute as can be, and I too love her hat! xoxo Christel

  3. OHHHH Ree, I had to laugh about your comment about adult feet..vs baby feet..I am with you there..there is something so loveable about your Embers one for instance...She is a witch if I ever saw one...and the magic she possesses is the spell that she has on all of us...blessings ms xx

  4. Ree she is the most gorgeous, cuddly witch I ever did see...I love her! Those wee tootsies are sooooo cute and her outfit is simply divine.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. She is fabulous indeed....I love her hat...Those little toes and fingers....I could just hug her...


  6. Reezy!!!!!!!!!!! Oh slap me silly...she is the sweetest thing I have ever seen - I think your best doll yet! I LOVE her. That hat is so wonderful and I love the eyes and those lips are so perfect...I just love, love, love her - and your blog - well - you know me...the more pictures of pretty you the better! You are just fantastic - but you already know that!

    XOXO Jess


  8. She is the cutest little witch I have seen!!


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