The People Who Lift Me Up

Mar 17, 2011

A Baby Swamp Monster..What?...Oh yes, that's what I said!

How in the world can a baby swamp monster be cute? Why just look at his pictures and tell me what you think!

Sweet, bug eyed Kelp was a long time in the creating but he is now here and already heading to a wonderful loving home!

He is so lovable and huggable, I'm really going to hate to see him go but I am thrilled he has such a fabulous new home. Did I really just say that about a swamp monster?


  1. Он чудо!!!!!!!Браво!!!!!!!Глаза грустные!!!!Хорошенький!!!

  2. Great little moster. I like a lot.
    Congratulations for your doll, i love it.

  3. He's very cute!!!And he's got beautiful eyes:)

  4. Hi Ree! He is SO adorable, not monsterish at all. His little face is sweet as can be. Hope you are doing great, sounds as if things are running smoothly with baby swampy already adopted! FaeWee Blessings, Christel

  5. oh REE, how did I miss this...adorable..I love you in a lovable monster way..

  6. Che bello...
    E' un tessssssssoro, direbbe Gollum. ;-)))


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