The People Who Lift Me Up

Jul 16, 2010

More vintage treats!

What a lucky girl I am!
Right before my bday my hubby and I decided to hit the thrift stores and we found these two matching pink vintage rocking chairs for 50% off, how cool is that?!?

I am tickled pink, pun very much intended.

They are just perfect in our bedroom and make such a wonderful reading and doll making nook. On the table is a wonderful piano styled lamp that I bought at an antique store in Memphis and on the table I have put a vintage teapot with matching cup that fits onto the top (so neat), and then a little tray holding a vintage travel brush.

I just smile when I look over to my new little nook.


  1. Oh Ree!!! You are a talented decorator too!!! Wow!!! I love your little nook!!! hugs

  2. Ree, these are amazing chairs..they look brand new...ahhh birthday>>>?? WEll happy belated there, we all celebrate your NAME SAKE day...yeahhh Ree..your corner is stunning...
    and it..blessings ms

  3. Ree I am so sorry I missed your Birthday...Happy Belated Birthday My Sweet Friend.. Those chairs are simply GORGEOUS! What a lucky find indeed. There is nothing like having vintage pieces I would have it no other way.
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

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  5. I love it!! I adore your vintage inspirations. Gorgeous! Hugs, Kim


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