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Jul 5, 2010

Happy to finally post a doll...

This darling little sweetheart named Jespah was made from Judi Ward's Bare Baby pattern. I did not make any adjustments or changes to the pattern but I did do my own spin on the face as far as the sculpting/details. You can read more about her, as well as get info for the pattern, on my website:

I plan on adding patterns, when I get them done, from Jess (Little Dirt Lane), Kim (Vanilla Bean), Kat (Kat Lees),Ute (Ute's Trolls), as well as many more artists. It will be a bit of a slow go though due to the fact that I have to seriously get caught up on the making of my own dolls. I am sooooooo very behind!


  1. Ree you are so darn talented! I love this one I am going to own of your dolls one day soon. Just too cute. Have a great day Ree
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

  2. REE que ternura tu bebe sos una gran artista te dejo mi cariño y admiracion ,Patricia desde San Juan Argentina

  3. Ree your blog looks great and that baby is fantastic - oh it is one of those cheek pinchers! :) I hope you are doing well - I can't wait to see more!

    XOXO Jess

  4. Hee hee!!! It is a cheek pincher for sure!!! Love her little face!!!! I have to make some too!!!! So glad to see this little cutie Ree!!! You did make her yours too!!! I did get one of Jess'e done and have another of hers to do and I have !!!! a couple of Kim's Vanilla Beans to work on too...hugs

  5. Ree, love her name and her cute little button nose! just darling xoxo Christel

  6. is better than the original. The eyes are beautiful, the hair great, and the nose perfect.
    Congratultatios for your doll.

  7. Ree, she is quite a cute baby, still your take on her with the pout and all..those eyes are terrific...and glad to hear you are moving at your pace, things will come together..I think we are supposed to slow down in the summer, although I did not get notice of that ya ms

  8. Ree, You are so talented!! Many blessings to you and yours! I just love your blog!
    xo, Robin


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