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Jul 12, 2010

Yikes, quite a mix up...

Oh yes, the rooster above seems to have quite a shock underneath him. Now we all know roosters aren't suppose to lay eggs but this is not the mix up I mean to speak about in this post.

I have been bombarded with a ton of emails concerning my Animees and I just do not have the time to answer them all so thought it best that I do a post that everyone with questions can read.
It seems someone has come very close to copying my original Animee design and while I personally feel being copied is a very big compliment I also feel credit should absolutely be listed when doing so and this was not done. I am in a bit of a mess now due to this.

I have been asked many times through the years if I sell my patterns and I have always answered honestly in saying that I do not. This does not mean that I never will but at this point in time it's just not something I want to focus on as I have a hard enough time just trying to get the time to make my dolls etc. This has led to my site having a fairly long waiting list should I ever get a pattern ready for sale. Now with this look a like dolly out there I am getting emails in that are a bit on the upset side regarding the release of my pattern. I promise I have not released my pattern nor have I given any patterns out. I promised to email my list should this come to pass and I will keep that promise. Please know that.

This "look alike" was created without my knowledge and I in no way took part in any of it. The wonderful people who have emailed through the years will be the first to know should I sell my pattern.

I am really sorry about this mix up and I encourage anyone who is inspired to make a doll very similar to another artist please give credit where credit is due. It can keep a lot of problems from happening.


  1. I feel for you Ree, I am kind of going through the same thing, only in reverse! My little FaeWees ...I have had someone thinking I copied thier work! Of couse I would never copy anyones work..heck I can't even duplicate my own! I tried to make a similar face I had sculpted,and that didnt work at all.., and the few times I have had a piece inspired from another artists work, I have done exactly what you said, I listed that fact in the Rose Lacefields bb flockling Pod Cradle baby fairy. inspired my own pod cradle tree , which I gave her thanks and kudos for..Some artist don't know the CODEX...your collectors, and followers all love you, and know you are a sweet heart Ree, dont lose sleep over it. XOXO Christel

  2. Hello Ree, now that just makes me sad...I know how much you put into your dolls..and how could anyone copy that love is beyond me...
    You were correct in bringing this know your followers will no doubt support you as we always have, always will...blessings ms

  3. Oh Ree I am so sorry to hear about this. It is a shame how someone could possible think they could get away with copying your even trying to make a look alike. I wish I knew who this person was I would !@#!@# but that's okay because NO ONE can take what you have created! We all strive hard as artist to develop something that is uniquely us. This only makes the imitator look bad and I hope this person has a conscious that is tearing them apart right now! I stand behind you 100 percent!
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

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