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Dec 26, 2009

Santa Bags Full of Fabric!

What a treat for me!

While it was a "smaller" Christmas here this year, present wise, we had such a huge beautiful Christmas!

It was filled with wonderful laughs, smiles, love, and just plain happiness. How can it get any better then that? Well, okay so there was even more...

While we were browsing the thrift stores over the holiday I scored! I found several super large bags stuffed full of wonderful fabric! These bags were so heavy my hubby had to lift them into the cart and they were only $3.99 a bag! Can you believe that?
Guess what I got for Christmas LOL

I am still going through them as I have not had much time up until now and I am just tickled pink with delight. Most of all the fabric is of a wonderful high quality and there looks to be just about every color and kind imaginable. Well okay maybe not imaginable as I can sure imagine A LOT when it comes to fabric but there is definitely a huge variety. Even about 5 yards of the craft velour I use for my BGs was in one of the bags. My mouth fell completely open when I pulled that out!

Below is a picture of just the tiny amount I have folded up and grouped so far. I am going to be all night! I am having a ball!

I cannot wait to make beautiful dresses and dollies out of this fabric blessing!

Who says Christmas has to be expensive, I would rather this fun over jewelry and such any day! LOL

Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. That is a wonderful find Ree!!!! Lots more fun than jewelry!!! I can't wait to see what you make out of it!!!! Fun!!!! hugs carla

  2. Hi Carla!

    Oh so true! I really do think I'm addicted to fabric, actually anything dolls LOL.

    What a great start for 2010 whoohooo...

    Oh, I added a button to your blog on my page, hope that is okay?

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  3. You lucky duck :) What a great find. It's like it fell from the sky for you..minus the part where your hubby had to hoist it into the cart :) Have fun wuth those goodies..Talk to you soon :)

  4. Ree- Sounds like your Christmas filled with laughs, smiles, love and happiness was perfect indeed. Congratulations on finding fabulous fabric finds at your thrift store. I am sure as soon as you saw each fabric you were already contemplating how it was going to be used on your dolls. :)

    Have a Happy and Successful New Year!

  5. Ok mystery again. I know I posted disappeared again...Sew what I was sharing, was I love these fabrics, some look like they are vintage Ree. This is a great find indeed...and I love the new colours on your site...looks very inviting, soooo you indeed...joyful...blessings madame samm

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I deff have wheels in my head turning lol.

    Samm, I am not sure what's going on but I had trouble posting on Sandi's blog a bit back and then again on a couple others. I so love reading your posts and would hate to think of losing my posts from you! Thank you about my new colors =:o) I have been tinkering and trying to design different logos while staying true to the first one you made me that I love so much. That one will always be my official one!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  7. FELIZ 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Muchos besos.Aida.


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