The People Who Lift Me Up

Dec 10, 2009

I didn't get a doll made, but I have something very heartfelt to say...and in a way doll related *smiles*

I do so hope I do this post justice as I am not the savviest with words much of the time, I shall try my very best =:o)

A few months ago life sent a wonderful surprise my way, and while I knew something special was all about this surprise, I didn't quite realize the extent it would end up touching my life. I say "it" but it wasn't an "it" at all, rather a "she" and this "she" was always such a smile to me each time we would cross paths. Little did I know though, this special person was just waiting for that email, that in retrospect, would end up turning the smiles into such a true blessing filling my heart.

This email was just a simple email but wow did it sure turn into something so happy and warm! See, I have been wanting to change and re-vamp my doll making business for such a long time now. I just didn't know quite how to go about it. I knew what I wanted but just could not get over that last hump.

So funny how things can come at you when you least expect it and this is what happened to me. I was sleeping all peaceful in dreamland and boom, what I needed to do just hit me. I knew my new "company" name and I knew exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I just did not fully know how to pull it off. This is where the email comes into play. I just knew the perfect person to email! So I sent an email off asking for help. The Lord says ask and you shall receive and boy did I receive! Not only did I find help for what I was so hoping to do, but I found a beautiful friend and Angel as well. What a fantastic deal huh???

Samm is the name of this heart touching friend and Samm is why I am writing this post today.

As you noticed, there is a picture up above of a beautiful box that was sent to me containing the most beautiful bracelet. This isn't just any ordinary bracelet, but a bracelet that was so thoughtfully picked out JUST for me and such a prefect fit JUST for me. The most special part about this gift is that it was not even being shopped for at the time, but rather when she saw it the thought of me jumped straight into her thoughts. Now is that the best kind of present or what? What a blessed gal I am to have someone think so kindly of me and to have me in their thoughts!

I was on the bed going through fabric when my husband brought the package to me. He knows the name Madame Samm quite well now and he knew I would bust out smiling when he handed it to me. I opened the package and just squealed when I pulled out my perfect gift. There was a wonderful note on the back of the adorably wrapped box and I just could not help but shed happy tears. This perfectly matched bracelet will be something I will always treasure as will be the beautiful friend who sent it to me.

Thank you Samm for this heart touching smile and so much more!

Love Xoxoxx Ree


  1. Oh Ree it is beautiful! She is an angel isn't she?! It is just as beautiful as I imagined - Now you have a gorgeous new site, a fabulous blog, a beautiful new bracelet and a whole team of friends that care so much for you! What could be any better than that??

    xoxo Jess

  2. You said it Jess! YOU are such a special gift that came out of this blessing as well!

    What a Christmas for me this year!!!

    *huge smiles*

    Love Xoxoxxx Ree

  3. Ree what a beautiful present and I think the best present is her friendship. You indeed are a very lucky girl.

  4. Hi Shashi, I so agree with you! *big smiles*

    Xoxoxxx Ree


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