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Jan 9, 2010 is this scary or what???

Seems my largest, or at least one of my largest challenges, concerning my doll making is creating a head and then starting another project before I put a body to that poor head.

I am terrible about this and as you can see I end up with a "mountain" of unloved doll heads.

Some of the time I pass on making a body for a head if I am not 100% enchanted with it. Other times I am pleased with the head but then another idea pops into my head that I cannot seem to wait to try out. Then at the worst of times, I seem to get what I have learned is called the doll flu and after getting a head done I just cannot seem to get myself motivated to proceed.

All in all, any way I go I end up with a pile of poor unloved heads.

This brings me to the new thought that in 2010 I can work hard to pull myself away from this habit. I do so hope some of these darlings get complete and I aim to repeat this terrible habit as little as posible.

Is there HOPE for me  in 2010 perhaps?

Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. Well Ree you are not alone I do exactly the same thing start things and get another idea and end up with unfinished projects everywhere.... Right now I have a bin full of doll and critter body parts, clothing, felt flowers and various other creations all waiting to be put together. Perhaps there is hope for the both of us in 2010 :o)


  2. Oh Ree..I am sure that you will be able to get em together..All I think that maybe the bodies are in another room..Maybe like they were your creative body flow will get going and they will all come to life..Have faith in ya :) I am bad about that with certain things..I'm sure that your babies will be as cute as all of your other ones :)
    Talk to ya soon!
    XOXO Stephanie

  3. Hi Ree!!!! I think they are cute!!!! You know dollmakers can even put bodies in the oven and get by with!!!!! Why not heads in a pile!!!!! Plus they are cute heads!!!!! I am thinking how cute they are going to be once they pulll themselves together!!!!! Hee hee Yes I think it is DAD doll attention deficit!!!!! Your mind gets overrun with thoughts and ideas and you just have to start another one!!!!! hee hee You are doing great!!!!!!! hugs carla

  4. Beautiful the expreciones!
    Good weekend. Aida.

  5. OMG Ree,,I had a to tell you..You could have a pick your own head doll and pick the body you thought it was cute and had to hurry back on to tell you :)

  6. Hi Ree, Great pic! I am enchanted by the little one with the paci and bonnet. They all deserve bodies! : ) ~ Kim

  7. Oh dear my sweet Ree ... that's just a side effect from having an over active creative mind! There is nothing really wrong with you at all, it's a very common problem that is associated with crafting I'm afraid.

    Every now and then I have a UFO week and concentrate on nothing else except finishing everything I have started...I don't look at anything at all that might inspire me to create something new, no fabric, no books, no shops, no websites or blogs...I just put blinkers on and FOCUS on the task at's what I call occupational discipline!

    ROFL! Who in the **** am I kiddin'!!!!! It's just wishful thinking.

    It was a good try at motivating you, wasn't it?

    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  8. Haha! Funny Ree! Well at least you gave the one little kid a that to quiet his "please give me a body" cries? - lol...YOu are too funny...

    xoxo Jess

  9. Trish, it's so nice to know I am not alone lol. Keeping my fingers X for both of us in 2010!

    Stephanie you tickle me pink LOL. Now that would be a very fun way to go about it!

    Carla, thank you so much! I really am feeling so much better about this and I do hope I get some of them completed soon.

    Aida, thank you so much my friend!

    Kim!!! Hey chica so nice to see you here! Thank you, and yanno what, the lil bonnet paci head is made from Judi Ward's Bare baby pattern. I will finish her someday lol.

    Sandi that is a GREAT idea! I think I will have to give it a go, or atleast TRY to LOL. Your truly are a motivation and as always a smile.

    Jess, LOL LOL LOL @ paci. Hey it worked! You so have me giggling this mid morn!

    Love Xoxoxxx Ree

  10. I like a lot the heads.
    I´m like see finish doll, i thinks that the dolls are beautifull.

  11. Ree - I'll take some of those heads - they look A LOT better than the basket I have! Have Happy new Year!!

  12. Hi Ree I think all the heads are so cute! but I can truly relate to starting on one thing dropping it and going to another. When the ideas hit you. Sometimes you just have to act on it right away but I am sure they all will find lovely bodies soon!
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY!~

  13. Ree, they are all adorable! I know we can get overwhelming and the next thing you know you feel like you are clogged and that puts you in a unmotivated mode, my advice to you is to set a date, could be tomorrow or whenever you have time, and make the decition that you are now going to work on bodies, try to get any new doll creations out of your head and concentrate in the bodies, the dolls will be amazing I can tell!!!

  14. Eeeeek! I've never seen such un-nerving cuteness! Does that make sense? I have to try hard with my bears myself and note down ideas, rather than start them.

    Fantastic blog background!

    Came to you from Paulas (All Bear) blog.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  15. So, there you are!! I can't 'follow' b/c it is down for maintenance!!?? However, I have to keep an eye on you - you stole the show for the Halloween challenge (I had the witch on the green Flamingo). The Flamingo was something else to make (Kat Lees pattern). Congratulations. I had my 5 witch heads lined up on the thread holder :) I'll be back. Blessings, Janet


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