The People Who Lift Me Up

Jan 15, 2010

If blogs could talk...

...I do believe mine would say "slap me on the toosh and call me gorgeous"

All thanks to the wonderful and beyond talented Madame Samm of ---Sew Dolls, who's next----

Oh yes making dolls is truly Samm's specialty, and what a gift she has there, BUT, that is not where it stops. Oh no no no indeed, her talent goes much further which leads me to yet one more stop before I get to my point.

Have you seen the strawberries and pears she has sewn to go with her Aimee dolls? Oh my, if not do please take a peek. I promise, you will love them. She even shared the pattern and instructions, how cool is that?

Okay so now onto my point and back to my blogs new look. Samm was so very kind to take the time to design a look that is ALL my own and just for me. I have to say she made it fit me to a T and I cannot thank her enough. I am so beaming and tickled pink pink pink.

Ahhhh yes, sweet pouty Beetyle does seem to feel a bit differently about it. She looks a lil like "oh my gawd like I cannot believe you stuck me in the middle of all this peachy pink and bows"!

I think she'll get over it though LOL

Xoxoxxx Ree


  1. Oh Ree it looks gorgeous! We are the pink ladies now!!! :) Samm really outdid herself!


  2. Love the design but why doesn't go edge to edge on my screen? Jess and Samm's are the same.
    Is it just me? Or was it designed to look like that?
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  3. How foolish of me not to take Beetles feelings to heart...well as you said she will get over it... lol Really Ree, this is so you. Soft, spontaneous and very comfortable..
    And Sandi, check your settings on your Control Panel on Display, your settings may not be stretched enough...
    blessings madame samm

  4. Hi Ree,
    So happy you arrived on my blog and I'm over here with you now! Looking towards getting to know you. I love your wit and whimsy...we should get along like peanut butter and jam! I am also the writer of Gretta from Gothere on the Nowhere blog...try to say that and I have a blog called Auntie Jacquelines which is about an old auntie wanna be that believes some rules should be broken. Wink! Are you going to sign up for my Queens in Training grab-bag-give-away? There's still room!

  5. Hi Ree, your page looks adorable! Love the pink and the polka dots, Madamme Samm is a doll and we all love her for that!She is like a doll makers angel on the watch... lol

  6. Tee Hee, I love that comment, your blog is indeed gorgeous! ~ Kim


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