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Nov 4, 2009

Beetyle Boo & Bew

I am a day late and dollar short posting Beetyle and her dolly Bew after Halloween, but she was an entry for the Cloth Doll Artistry - Cloth Doll Studio 2009 Halloween Contest and I didn't want to post her picture until after the contest was through.

I am THRILLED to say she won 1st place! Wow, what a Halloween treat indeed!!! Thanks so much to all who voted for her and a huge thanks to Connie for running and organizing the contest!!!


  1. Oh Ree, I just adore her. I think she is my favorite out of all of your dolls I have seen. I love the expression on her face, she almost looks as if she has something that she wants to say but is biting her tongue...great job on this one. I bet if you put her up for sale she would sell anyway regardless of her theme!

    HUGS! Jess

  2. Way to go shes just fantastic, love those eyes, purple is my fav colour........right up my alley so to speak LOL

  3. Congratulations, great doll.
    I like see your dolls, they are special.

  4. Congratulations Ree for 1st place!!! When I saw her at Cloth Dolls Halloween contest I thought she was just amazing, such a great little character. My doll was the one above yours.



  5. Hello Sweet Ree and your Halloween Winner..
    There is no doubt to all that voted for her included MOI>...that she is as unique, a character and worthy of such a title...Did I also tell you how proud I am of you...
    blessings. Madame Samm

  6. es una pasada...te ha quedado encantaaaaaaaa!!! :)

    she is very...very...nice..

  7. I adore her...very...very nice

  8. Ree, another winner. She is so cute you just want to pinch her. Course, I might be a bit afraid of getting on her bad side. Love your work. I don't do babies (as in doll making only) but yours make me want to make one.

  9. She's a super doll Ree. I do love the expressions on your doll faces, some are cute while others are really quirky. Wonderful work!

  10. Hi Ree, I just found your blog thru Material Magic by Shar.....and omg I love the wee doll in the tub and this one.....this one has real attitude....I love her to bits. Great work. Hugs Naomi from Australia


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