The People Who Lift Me Up

May 9, 2009

Abandoned baby runt giants...

What can you say about Giants? They are a unique breed of creature to be sure and often times we simply just cannot understand their odd ways. Seems that while the clan of Giants in the Yadish region are on the smaller end of the race (some believe at some point in history they mixed with a local troll clan which in turn gave them their smaller size and somewhat pointed ears) they still pride themselves with being Giants so, more times then naught, the runts born are sadly abandoned in the woods later to be found by the local village people in the area. These are the sweet creatures that I have fallen in love with while creating them. They have been such a joy to design and bring to life. My whole family has been such fun with the "little" runts and I have to say they have fastly become one of my favorite lines for sure.


  1. Just fantastic, love them......

  2. i like them. Wonderfull. Fantastics.

  3. These are fantastic, need to make one!


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