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Oct 9, 2009

Another Baby Giant found and rescued!

This is Taytir! He loves bouncing toy balls, getting bedtime stories read to him, and munching on tater chips. He is very happy tonight because he found a new home shortly after being "found and rescued".


  1. This is the best thing about having the links on our blogs...I get to come over here quickly to see your new creations and my oh my is Taytir a welcoming sight this Fall season.
    He has this curiosity look about him that can almost have you thinking what he is thinking..
    "What you staring at?" lol...another delight REE....x

  2. Thank you so much Sam!

    These stinkers have pop bellies so their legs spread out pretty wide when they sit and finding pants for them has been a no go. I would love to dress them for fall. I am thinking I will have to hunt down some soft super stretchy knit material to make pants.

    I agree about the blog! It's so nice to be able to pop in! Do you have FaceBook?

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  3. Morning Ree, no facebook for me, while in Pharma that is a nono...I know lol...
    Anyway, blogs are fine with me to connect.
    So enjoy viewing your newcomers...

  4. Ree I am so in-love with your dolls!!I can't pick a favorite their all awesome!! OoOOOH wish you'd teach a class on CDA!!!

  5. Hi Ree,
    Just saw your Beetly Boo and Bew in the new Soft Dolls and Animals. She is soooooooo cute.


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