The People Who Lift Me Up

Sep 21, 2009

Current Projects...

Along with working on my Halloween doll, I have been working on this sweetie that is my first official attempt at mimicking the beautiful art work that has had me captivated since early childhood.

All of my toddler/baby dolls have actually been inspired by this man's artwork and I have done many features after it, but have yet to really try to get the face down pat. His name is Teddy Williams and he illustrated my favorite and most beloved childhood book that was given to me in 1979 by my parents.

I plan on doing an Uht Ohs! Children's Books line so hopefully I can somewhat master the "Teddy Williams" look.

What ya think for my first attempt? Any suggestions are welcome!!!


  1. I am your new #1 fan! She is adorable! I don't know who "Teddy Williams" is, but I bet you nailed it! I am hoping to bring out the features in my dolls faces more. Practice, practice, I guess. :) Good job!

  2. Great job. Beautiful girld.
    I like your new doll face and his kiss.


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